Why did you start Soundboard?

I love working with good people, doing good things. What's better than helping passionate, hard working, kind entrepreneurs make the world a better place?

Why the name?

I started Soundboard to help you grow your businesses, but more importantly to serve as an authentic sounding board.

I've seen it all up close, everything from a failed unicorn to a successful acquisition. They’re times when it’s straight business - fundraising, go to market, product planning, and hitting revenue goals (yes!). And other times when it's more about leadership - navigating tough situations, brainstorming creative solutions, and making tough calls.

What types of companies do you work with?

I’ve spent most my time growing Seed - Series B companies. I’ve also worked closely with executives starting new companies, products, and projects.

Would we work well together?

I value accountability, authenticity, compassion, creative problem solving, and hard work. If you do too, we'll probably work well together!